Allow me to paint a picture for you. You walk in the front door of your restaurant. The place is packed. Customers are seated at every table and there are people standing in line at the door, waiting to come in. The football game is on all the TV’s. You walk down one of the aisles and pass a couple of your waiters who are looking a little stressed out. You greet some customers and make your way to the kitchen. You push open the doors and see absolute chaos. The chefs have every grill and oven running, hundreds of plates are going in and out and waiters rush through the doors and back out to the customers. The night ends and the kitchen is a mess. Grease is everywhere and every single piece of kitchen equipment you have is dirty. This is when your New York City restaurant needs a commercial hood cleaning company.

You’re employees have been running around like crazy for hours trying to make sure your patrons are taken care of. Are you going to make them stay another 2 hours to wash down the entire kitchen? Even if you did make them stay to clean, are they going to make sure the place is sparkling or simply rush to get the job done and get out of there? I think you already know the answer to that one.

Instead, call a NYC commercial hood cleaning company. Trained hood cleaners come in with professional sanitizing solutions and wash down all your equipment. They scrub the vent hoods, they rinse out the ovens, they clean the utensils, and put everything back where it goes. On top of that, they’re always checking to make sure your business follows all NYC fire safety and health code regulations to help you avoid violations and fines.

Our catering business recommends Queens Hood Cleaning Pros for commercial hood cleaning in NYC. Their website is for your reference. They have a strong background, their pricing is affordable, and their cleaning services are unmatched in our opinion. We trust the professionals and let them do their thing; it’s just smart business.